The BSV Global Blockchain Convention grew out of the CoinGeek Conference series that made its debut in Hong Kong in 2018, with six more events held in Europe, Asia and North America over the next few years. The Convention, like the Conference, is produced by Calvin Ayre, the Canadian-Antiguan technology entrepreneur featured on the cover of the 2006 Forbes ‘Billionaires’ issue.

An early Bitcoin adopter, Ayre was introduced to Dr. Craig Wright – the real-world figure behind Satoshi Nakamoto, pseudonymous author of the 2008 Bitcoin white paper – in 2015 by Stefan Matthews, who’d previously worked with Wright at Australian online sports site Centrebet. Matthews, who at the time was running Ayre’s venture capital arm, was the first individual to whom Wright provided a draft of the white paper several months before its official release.

In 2015, Ayre met with Matthews and Wright in Vancouver, setting the stage for a dramatic effort to reverse the artificial constraints inflicted on Bitcoin by a cabal of self-serving protocol engineers during Satoshi’s temporary withdrawal from the public arena. Ayre, Matthews and Wright made it their mission to restore Bitcoin to its original, expansive and high-functioning capability. This was ultimately achieved when the original Bitcoin protocol was freed of these constraints in 2018. Because alternative protocols colluded with corrupt exchanges to steal the original trading tickers, Bitcoin now trades as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) on exchanges.

To build awareness of the potential of the BSV Blockchain – and to counter the false narrative that BTC was the real Bitcoin – Ayre launched his media site CoinGeek, which in turn led to the first CoinGeek Conference. The goal was to bring together influential individuals from a variety of backgrounds – entrepreneurs, developers, venture capitalists, policymakers, government regulators, journalists, miners, transaction processors and executives of established big enterprise businesses of all sectors – to further explore BSV’s disruptive potential. Ayre and Matthews founded and also sit on the Executive Committee of the Bitcoin Association, a non-profit association (Verein) in Switzerland that acts as the global industry organization for advancing education and awareness of the BSV Blockchain.

Along with Wright and Matthews, Ayre and his Ayre Group of companies are enthusiastic ambassadors for BSV, the only Bitcoin protocol that offers the scaling capacity and low transaction fees to realize the vision of peer-to-peer electronic cash described in the Bitcoin white paper. BSV is also the only blockchain with the ability to handle the massive transaction volume that the Metaverse will require, as well as realizing the end-to-end model of the internet offered by IPv6.

Calvin Ayre invites you to explore the vast potential that BSV has to offer at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention.

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