Become a Sponsor/Exhibitor

There’s no better way to reach the BSV community, in person or online, than as a sponsor or exhibitor at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention.

The convention presents a unique opportunity for sponsors through both virtual and physical networking, exhibit space, and as part of Pitch Day. These options all provide exposure to audiences, both physically present and virtually around the world.

Your presence as a sponsor or exhibitor throughout the convention ensures a lasting impact in the minds of convention-goers. In addition, there are ample networking opportunities at the venue itself when you can talk to customers, potential partners, and other interested individuals.


The convention is backed by its own energetic and professional PR and communications team. They will bring media organizations to the event and help you achieve media exposure for your product or service. CoinGeek will cover the convention in depth through its own media platforms.

Sponsors and exhibitors can look forward to extensive coverage in relevant media by taking this chance to gain visibility at the convention.